What you crave is experiences…

This morning I am looking at the tremendous difference between high vibration and low vibration. My head is spinning… wow. One can say, that vibration is a number that measures how much of reality you see accurately. What you see, of course, depends on what you know, what you can distinguish from everything else… accurately. …

Nothing fails like success

Nothing fails like success Most of us think that we are miserable because we don’t have everything we ever wanted. Because we are not smart enough, talented enough, successful enough. Because we don’t have enough money, etc. You think that successful people are happy. Actually, the more successful someone is the less happy they become. …

Reframing: our tool for creating

You’ve heard of the expression: like a deer caught in the headlights syndrome: frozen, seeing the world one way with no escape route. Most people live their whole lives in that state: see the world in a fixed way. To one degree or another we are all are like that. The more of your life …

Please help me in this test Thank you

I trust you that you’ll do what is in your best interest. That is what I want you to do… because then the information I’ll glean from this test will be valid. thank you. Who is my ideal client? It matters not what you say, it matters more if it is heard by the right …

Osho 200 Mulla Nasruddin jokes Part 2

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Turn your Metabolism into a Fat-Burning Machine

Metabolism is a process within the human body that occurs as the food a person eats is converted into energy. Some people’s metabolisms operate more efficiently than others’. Generally, you want the food that you eat to burn as energy … Continue reading–> Related Posts: Fat burning body… what is the benefit… how do you do …

You live in a world of your own design… You don’t like the design?

re-united-states-bill-clintonYou live in a world of your own design But how do you build a world of your own design? Everyone hopes that this sentence “you live in a world of your own design” means that you can change your … Continue reading ?

Your why… what gives you juice, what gives you the strength to stay in the game?

what-is-your-whyI just got an insight of what may be the most important factor in your level of vibration. I got an email from a marketer who I have paid for a course, but slowly have lost my trust in… But … Continue reading ?

Your self-esteem and your self-control: what is the connection?

duality-wordpicPeople, all people are puzzled and disturbed by their dual nature. You love and hate, drip with envy, at times taken over by desire… while you consider yourself sane, and nice, and compassionate and goal-driven. It is natural to be … Continue reading ?

Updated: A man of understanding never thinks, he simply looks at the fact. The very look reveals

This article was written around my darkest hour… It is still valid… but I have added some new insights to it… and I am adding a new distinction: the third brain… The brain that sees accurately through pattern recognition… I … Continue reading ?

The biggest learning to date… how I used the "how to boil a frog" method to grow myself

12944721-mmmainI have been attempting to learn higher level marketing than I have been doing for a few years now. Marketing is hard… and I don’t have a natural aptitude to it. Every time I bought a program I “had to” … Continue reading ?

Republished: The Juice Exercise: what gives you "juice" in life?

I have been coaching people for many years now. The goal was always to take people on a journey to become their best Self. Now, the task is easier when someone knows who they are. When someone has a Self. … Continue reading ?

Live like a White Peacock… do things for the love of doing things…

side-peacockI love reading. My favorite books tear down the proverbial curtain of the Wizard of Oz. And my favorite activities… you could guess, are when I can tear down the curtain… and actually show the naked reality of things… I … Continue reading ?

Knowledge is power… but not all knowledge

the-only-thing-worse-than-being-blind-is-havingPeople want to become the person they are in their dreams… They are not that way… obviously. Becoming that person is like being a Michelangelo at the stone quarry looking at a block of marble and seeing if the sculpture … Continue reading ?

Force your thinking brain to work

51OOOMK5tcLI had an insight into how our education system fosters only first brain thinking and how to force the thinking brain to work… I am reading a book, Stumbling on happiness… so far it’s excellent, funny, witty, and very enlightening. … Continue reading ?